• Limited Time 13 Month CD Special
  • Minimum opening deposit of $1,000
  • Maximize your earnings potential with 3.00% APY1,3
  • Save confidentially with a guaranteed interest rate
  • No monthly fees

When there is economic uncertainty, the impact can be felt in the way you choose to invest your money. As a current member, you can take advantage of our limited-time 13-month CD offer at a rate of 3.00% APY1,3 with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Also, for more flexibility, you are eligible to open two CD’s, not to exceed a combined total of $250,000.

New members (memberships established on or after 11/01/22) will receive a rate of 2.75% APY1,2 for this promotional CD with a limited to one CD, not to exceed a total of $250,000.

For more information regarding our limited-time 13-month CD offer, call us today at 229-559-3311. Also, feel free to speak with one of our Member Service Representatives in-person, no appointment needed.


1 Current members (established membership before 11/01/22) will receive the member rate and may open two CD’s not to exceed a combined balance of $250,000 during the promotional period. 2 New members (established membership on or after 11/01/22) may open one CD to exceed a balance of $250,000 during the promotional period. 3 Annual percentage yield (APY) assumes principal and dividends remain on deposit for the 13-month term of the certificate (CD). APY is accurate as of 11/01/22. Minimum balance to open and earn dividends is $1,000. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Fees could reduce earnings. Offer good for initial term only and will renew as a standard 12-month CD. Offer applies for consumer and IRA CDs only. No monies accepted from broker or financial institution. Southern Pine Credit Union reserves the right to end promotion at any time. Insured by NCUA.